Spritz This

Speed reading doesn't have to require practice

SpritzThis.com is a simple tool to advance your reading speed. Powered by Spritz technology, you can speed read anything you paste below. Simply paste your desired text, choose your WPM speed, and click start. What you'll find is speed reading is pretty easy using Spritz, the key is to look a the line without trying to mouth the words in your head. Just look and absorb!

Paste the text you wish to Spritz below and then click start to begin:

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About, Why & What's to come:

My name is Farhad and I made this site because I thought it would be cool to have an easy simple way to use the Spritz technology.

What you see here is a basic simple tool to allow you to read very very quickly anything you can paste in the above box. In the near future though, it'll support the ability to do more, like uploading PDF documents, text documents, Spritzing webpages, and much much more. Stay tuned!

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